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PBworks is a part of the PeaceDot movement to have thoughtful, modern companies promote peace and harmony in the world.


We'll be using this space ongoing to showcase the ways our PBworks collaboration tool can be used to improve understanding.


At its core, a collaborative workspace encourages inputs from more people than top-down dictums or memos - more people can be heard, fewer people are disenfranchised, and the group will be able to make better decisions. It is our founder's belief that use of such technologies are inherently more likely to spur dialogue and respect and engender a more peaceful planet.



Case Studies


Combatants for Peace: The Rebuilding Alliance


PBworks was used by this remarkable project to bring together former fighters for Israel and Palestine to build an understanding of how the two cultures can work together peaceably for the good of all mankind.


Providing Understanding: Islam in America


As part of her "Journey Into America" project, Hailey Woldt used a private PBworks space was used to orchestrate a series of meetings between Americans and Dr. Akbar S. Ahmed, Pakistan's ambassador to the US, promoting peace and understanding between the cultures of America and Pakistan as well as between Christians and Muslims. [CNN Coverage]


Coordinating Aid: AfghanTides


Aid projects in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan are being coordinated by a public PBworks site at http://afghantides.pbworks.com/


Saving Lives: The 2007 San Diego Fires


PBworks (then PBwiki) was instrumental to helping homeowners, volunteers, news organizations, and firefighters coordinate efforts realtime in distributed information collection and dissemination as to exactly where the fires were, who was on them, and bring together GIS imagery, amateur photographs, and news reports to give a comprehensive and evolving report on the state of the fires.


Health Care: The Children's Healthcare Crisis Fund


PBworks and NYCharities teamed up to help provide a developing portal for parents in New York to be able to discover how to cost-effectively obtain medical care for their children. Read the press release here.


Building Schools: The Al Aqaba Kindergarden


PBwiki was used by aid workers to coordinate fundraising and construction of the Al Haq, a 130-student kindergarden in Palestine, as well as to update the Al Aqaba Birthing Clinic to provide a safer facility for women to deliver children.




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